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Water Line Repair | Piping Replacement

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You may have a damaged water line if you notice a drop in water pressure, discoloration in your water, or a spot in your yard that is constantly wet. If any of these signs seem familiar to you, give Glenn Mechanical a call. We can inspect your water line using our video camera. Using this method will enable us to find where the problem is and what caused it without causing damage to your property.

Don't let your water line go ignored until there is an emergency. Let Glenn Mechanical quickly and efficiently handle your repairs, so you can have clean quality water in your home.

Water Line Installation

Old pipes can be easily damaged from freezing and thawing, tree roots, water pressure, mineral buildup, and even ground movement. As your pipes become damaged, your water may become discolored or you could lose water pressure. If your water line is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, our licensed plumbers are at your service. We can inspect your pipes and give you honest advice on when you need to replace your water line.

Trenchless Water Line Installation

We want to give you the best service available, which means not digging trenches into your beautiful landscaping or parking lot! Whenever possible, we will use our trenchless technique to replace your water line.

This method is used when:

Our licensed and bonded plumbers at Glenn Mechanical value our customers. We will always do our work thoroughly and cleanly, and we will always give you honest advice without selling you something that you don't need. Trust us with your water line repair and installations today!