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Water Heater Repair and Replacement

water heater repaires and installation el dorado arkansas

Is you water heater old or damaged? Are you looking for a more efficient water heating system? Glenn Mechanical can help you replace your outdated water heater with an energy efficient water heater that meets federal standards. These newer systems, while costing more upfront, tend to save you at least 16% in your water heating bill. Call us at Glenn Mechanical to discover your options and get fast and affordable service.

Water Heater Options:

Repairing Your Water Heater

Water heaters typically have a life expectancy range of 11 to 20 years depending on what kind of system that you have. Within this life span, it still needs proper maintenance to keep it running smoothly. If you are unsure how old your water heater is or wonder if it needs any maintenance or replacing, call our plumbers at Glenn Mechanical for a thorough inspection.

Call us if:

Our certified and trustworthy plumbers will inspect your water heating system, and give you honest advice without selling you something that you don't need. We can outline your options for you, wether that be a simple repair or a complete replacement. Don't hesitate! Call us before a minor issue becomes a costly headache.