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Sewer Systems

Sewer System Maintenance and Installation el dorado arkansas

Alternative Sewer System Installation

Our plumbers at Glenn Mechanical are certified in the state of Arkansas to install and maintain your alternative sewer systems. Not every state has the same regulations pertaining to septic systems because of differing environments, and these regulations are prone to change as knowledge increases. We keep up with these regulations, and stay up to date on the best products that will guarantee high efficiency and quality mechanics. Let us install your alternative sewer systems, and set up a regular maintenance plan to keep your system running smoothly.

Nayadic Aerobic Systems

Aerobic treatment systems use living microbes that live in air to digest waste product. What is undigestable settles at the bottom of the tank for removable. These systems require half the size of a leach field as a standard septic system, and is more flexible on where the leach field is located because the effluent is sterilized and able to be used as surface irrigation. The Nayadic tank is the best product line out there for Aerobic Systems.

Septic Tanks with Leach Fields

Septic tanks also use an ecosystem to break down waste, but these work in gases within your tank. What cannot be digested settles at the bottom of the tank, and must be removed about every three years. The effluent is pulled out using gravity into what is called a leach field.

Sewer System Maintenance

It is important that your septic system is inspected and properly maintained. Sludge has to be removed from these systems about every five to seven years in order to keep running smoothly without backing up. We at Glenn Mechanical are licensed in state of Arkansas with certified maintenance personnel. We can install, inspect, and maintain your septic system thoroughly and following all local regulations. Trust us with your septic system needs.