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Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

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The Best Way to Clean Drains

Does it seem like your drains keep getting clogged? You may have a problem that your plunger simply cannot fix. Call Glenn Mechanical to have your pipes completely cleared out with our Hydro Jetting services! We can have your pipes working like new by using the latest technology in drain cleaning services.

What is Hydro Jetting?

You may be familiar with the using of snakes, which simply pushes through clogs deep into your pipes using the path of least resistance. The problem with using snakes is that they only create openings through the clogs without fully cleaning up build-up in the pipes that are causing the clogs. This is where our Hydro Jetting technology comes in! This cleaning method uses water pressure and water volume to thoroughly erase the hair, residue, build-up, and deposits from the walls of your pipes. When you use Hydro Jetting on your pipes, you won't have to worry about another quickly formed clog.

How Does It Work?

A large water tank is placed at the clean-out valve, and a strong nozzle attached to a high-pressure hose is inserted into that valve. The system creates incredible pressure, enough for the nozzle to pull itself through the pipes. The pipes are cleared by using this scrubbing nozzle and 3500 psi of water.

Hydro Jetting is Great for Emergency and Maintenance!

Do you have an emergency back-up in your drains? Call us now, and our Hydro Jetting can clear it up in no time! Some pipe build-up over time is inevitable, but why wait to call when you have an emergency? Let our certified plumbers set up a routine Hydro Jetting preventative maintenance plan to keep all of your worries at bay.

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Additional Tips for Clog Prevention:

You have enough to deal with in life! Don't let another clogged drain be another thing to worry about, and call Glenn Mechanical today! Our Hydro Jetting will get the job done effectively. We will respond quickly to your emergency, give your pipes a thorough check-up, and set up a preventative maintenance schedule. Call us today at (870) 862-5901.