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Grinder Pumps

Grinder Pumps el dorado arkansas

Grinder pumps are like garbage disposals for your sewage. They are installed in your basement or in the yard under the frost line. Household wastewater flows in the holding tank of the grinder pump. Once the tank is filled to a specified level, the pump automatically turns on, grinding the sewage into small enough particles that it can be pumped out to the sewer system without a hitch. All grinder pumps should have an alarm system installed to notify you if the automatic switch is broken. This will keep your tank from overflowing into your basement or yard.

Grinder Pump Installation

Here at Glenn Mechanical, we can equip you with the grinder pump that you need and have it installed correctly. Our plumbers are certified and can be trusted to hook your sewer lines up to the grinder pump the right way the first time.

Grinder Pump Repair

We can also inspect, clean, and repair your grinder pump and lines to keep your system running smoothly. Don't wait to call us until you have an emergency sewage back up on your property, schedule a routine maintenance plan with us today!