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Condensate Drain Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair

Condensate Drain Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair el dorado arkansas

The life span of your air conditioning unit can diminish greatly if the condensate drain is not properly maintained. If you look at your air conditioning unit, you will find a small line on the outside of the unit that drips. This is your condensate drain. It's function is to remove condensation from the evaporator coil of your air conditioning unit. Without proper maintenance, this line can become clogged with algae and mold, causing increased humidity, strong odors, and water damage to your home. It's highly important to keep this condensate drain cleaned and maintained, and our professionals at Glenn Mechanical can do just that.

We know that your air conditioning unit needs all of it's parts checked during maintenance, and this includes the condensate drain. You can trust us to check your condensate drain during our routine A/C maintenance appointments. We can clean your whole unit with all of it's working parts thoroughly creating a healthy and energy efficient air conditioning system. If we notice that the condensate drain has any blockages, we can clean it. We can even install an access vent if it is necessary.

Be sure to schedule routine A/C maintenance with Glenn Mechanical, and give us a call if you need your condensate drain cleaned or repaired. We have all of the tools and know-how to get your unit running smoothly and your life more comfortable.