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Air Sanitizers | Residential Air Purifiers

Air Sanitizers  Residential Air Purifiers el dorado arkansasNo one likes to believe that their own home is filled with air pollution, but it is true. Today's houses are built sealed tight to keep the weather outside, but this also seals contaminants inside. An EPA report showed that the air indoors where we spend as much as 90 percent of our time can be the most polluted environment we are exposed to. The dirt and dust that you can see collected on your shelves and tables is just a representation of what is swimming around in the air of your home at all times. This airborne concoction is an invisible mix of dust mites, pollen, dander, mold, and smoke that can be annoying to breathe and hazardous to your health.

The first step in defending against the airborne invasion is to keep your house clean and well ventilated. This may not be enough for the more sensitive respiratory system. That's where air filters come in. Glenn Mechanical recommends the Carrier Infinity state-of-the-art air purifier sytems which traps and kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores, allergens and other pollutants in the conditioned air—and keep them out of the air your family breathes. This whole-house air cleaner also re-purifies circulated indoor air as many as 8 times an hour. Another recommend product is Air Knight. The Air Knight is a whole home solution for air purification and is made in the USA. Air Knight is an active air purifier that actively disinfects the air throughout the entire conditioned space in your home by ridding the air you breathe inside your home of harmful pollutants.

Many heating and cooling systems have filtration of some kind built in. There are also freestanding units that can be used by locating them in specific areas of your home. Our Glenn Mechanical heating and cooling specialists know all about air purification for your home. Call us and we will send an expert to discuss options with you that will keep your home free from these airborne menaces and keep you breathing clean, fresh air.

Home air filters are available in two basic types: media filters, which create a physical barrier that traps minute particles, and electronic filters, which use a high-voltage charge to attract and capture contaminants. A few air filters are hybrids that combine both methods, and some include activated carbon elements to combat odor.

Air Purification Systems Include:

Whole-House Filters

The most efficient way to filter household air is through your home's forced-air heating or central air-conditioning system. The filters are built into the return-air ductwork, trapping particles as air passes through. Whole-house filters come in four main types: Flat filters, Extended media filters, Electronic filters, and Ultraviolet filters

Portable Room Air Filters

If your house doesn’t have central heat or air-conditioning, a portable room air filters may be the most practical choice. Most portables utilize highly effective HEPA filters, which are not generally used in whole-house systems because they need more-powerful fans than furnaces can provide.

Ion Air Cleaners

Ion air cleaners use electrostatic precipitator technology. Ion units, which don't require fans, are typically quieter than HEPA models and cost less to operate because there are no filters to replace. But these units may produce trace amounts of the lung irritant ozone as a by-product of the ionization process

Ultra Low Penetration Air

A new filter technology for the home, called ULPA (ultra low penetration air), has started to gain some widespread support. ULPA filters block 99.99 percent of particles measuring 0.12 micron, quite a bit smaller than the HEPA threshold. But ULPA filters restrict so much air flow that in practice they are able to clean less air than HEPA filters.

If you are looking for a solution to clear the air in your home, Glenn Mechanical is the one to call. We know these and other solutions and can make recommendations to be the most effective in your home for your family’s health.