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Water Testing

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What is in my water?

Whether your drinking water is city water, or from a private well or spring, each drinking water source may be at risk for contamination and you need to know what those contaminants are and how you might protect your family from the risks associated with the contamination.

What is Contaminated Water?

Pure water, which is 11.1888% hydrogen and 88.812% oxygen by weight, is practically non-existent due to the aggressive nature of water. Water is often referred to as a "universal solvent" because it has the ability to dissolve almost anything it comes in contact with. Its superior solvent nature allows it to be easily contaminated by water soluble materials. When water contains harmful or objectionable substances, it is considered to be "contaminated".

Well water may contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese due to its contact with rock formations containing these minerals. Water also dissolves metals from pipes and plumbing fixtures which may contain lead, copper, iron, etc. Gases and dusts from the atmosphere and any other water soluble compounds may also be dissolved by water as they come in contact with it.

City water may contain chlorine or other disinfectants used processing and the levels can be different based upon where your house is located within the water distribution system. Some disinfection by-products are considered to be carcinogens by the EPA; however, without disinfection of the water supply, there would be a significant increase in waterborne disease, so it is a necessary evil.

How Can I Test My Water?

Many contaminants are colorless, tasteless and odorless, which leads people to believe they have safe drinking water. This may not be a safe assumption. So how can you know what is in your water? Call Glenn Mechanical. We can test your drinking water, swimming pool water, spa or hot tub water, process water, well water or any other. Glenn Mechanical can give you accurate results as to what is in your water and make recommendations if there are any concerns.

Call Glenn Mechanical today to test your water.