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Warehouse Ventilation

Warehouse Ventilation el dorado arkansas

It can be a real challenge to heat or cool a warehouse, distribution center, or any other building with high ceilings. High ceilings in large facilities can present a challenge to produce a truly comfortable environment and put a real strain on even the best HVAC systems.

You may not know that a warehouse’s temperature will increase up to one degree for each elevated foot that the heat rises. For example, a twenty foot ceiling can have a 10 to 20 degree temperature difference from the floor to the ceiling. In the hot months of summer, the heat will rise to the top keeping a blanket of hot air is weighing down on the performance of your HVAC causing strain. Air-conditioned air is often exiting through the diffusers located at ceiling level. This air is met with resistance by the hot air rising from the floor level, forcing air-conditioning units to work harder, ultimately wasting energy trying to keep up with the cooling demand.

Ventilation can be a challenge, but Glenn Mechanical knows how to address these complexities and provide a solution that will create a properly vented environment for your warehouse. Call today!