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Warehouse Fans el dorado arkansas A recent study concluded for every degree rise in temperature above 77ºF, productivity drops by 2%. This means that at 90ºF, the productivity in your warehouse is down by 12.6% just from the temperature alone.

Keep your warehouse, workshop, building or business cool with the proper circulation or exhaust fans. Glenn Mechanical can determine the best warehouse fan, built to handle maximum floor area in high moisture applications, heavy-duty high performance fans which can help to deliver maximum airflow over wide areas. To maintain plant health and livestock safety from overheating during the warm summer months, we can recommend and install circulation fans, misting and fogging systems, as well as air coolers.

Large diameter industrial fans remove heat & increase productivity

One option is the installation of large diameter industrial fans overhead. These large diameter overhead industrial fans are built specifically for large floor areas. They are able to cover a large floor area with constantly moving air, creating a large comfort zone and can drop the temperature five to eight degrees throughout the facility. A reduction in warehouse heat in high moisture areas can also be achieved. Since the fans can be run in forward or reverse, they can be beneficial in both summer and winter creating an even ambient temperature and resulting in significant energy savings.


Some advantages of using warehouse fans: