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Spot Cooling Solutions

Spot Cooling Air Conditioning el dorado arkansas Spot cooling is a process used to remove heat from specific areas. You may have a warehouse that would cost a fortune to keep cool, and within this warehouse you have an office area or work area where employees face dangerous temperatures during the summer. One of the best investments you could make for your bottom line and for the productivity of your workers is spot cooling your warehouse. A NASA study reveals that the effect of heat on worker's output showed that workers within a 75 degree space were more productive (almost 30% more) than workers in a space at 90 degrees. Their accuracy was better and they made fewer mistakes, and morale of these workers is higher. A spot cooling system that is properly planned can be a simple investment in your warehouse that pays out excellent dividends.

A common solution is to rent or buy portable air conditioning units that can cool these areas. These units take up floor space and can add additional noise to the environment and more equipment that must be maintained. Glenn Mechanical has a solution for you! We can design a system for you using your air conditioning unit and an arrangement of ductwork that will cool just the areas where the employees are working without cooling the entire building. This keeps your workers cool and safe without the expense of cooling the entire warehouse space.

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