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Sand traps and catch basin cleaning

Sand traps and catch basin cleaning el dorado arkansas

Catch basins and sand traps are storm drain systems designed to remove excess rain and ground water from paved streets parking lots, sidewalks, and roofs. They vary in design, but typically have a drain inlet which is an opening to the storm drain system usually covered by a grate or curb inlet around the parimeter of a parking area. Storm water enters the catch basin and a sump captures sediment, debris and associated pollutants. This prevents the sand and floatable materials from entering the outgoing drainage system by allowing the sediments to fall and settle in the bottom of the basins while the floatable objects rise to the surface of the water. The storm water enters through the submerged elbow- baffle outlet pipe. This submerged baffle thereby acts to prevent the entrance of any surface floatable object from entering the outgoing lines so that it does not cause a blockage in the storm drain system, or pollutant debris from entering into a water way.

The cleaning of catch basins and sand traps involve the removal of the build up of sand, leaves, and other debris items such as branches, and paper that have accumulated in the sump. If the catch basin is not cleaned periodically, these items will block the baffle that keeps the debris out of the storm line and will overflow causing flooding and allow a build up of dirt and debris to enter the outgoing lines.

Glenn Mechanical has the equipment and expertise to handle the cleaning of all types of sand traps and catch basins to keep them at optimal operating efficiency to maintain their ability to trap sediment, and consequently, their ability to prevent flooding. The benefits of catch basin cleaning also include the removal of pollutant loads from the storm sewer system and the reduction of high pollutant concentrations during the "first flush" of a storm event.

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