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Pipe Insulation

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Many times piping goes uninsulated because it is not understood why they should be insulated in the first place, or how it should be done, and even which pipes should be insulated. The professionals at Glenn Mechanical knows piping insulation and how to apply the right insulation to make your piping more efficient in carrying water, steam or anything else that may be transported in your piping.

Why Insulate Your Pipes?

Insulating your water pipes properly can keep your cold water cold and your hot water hot. Insulated pipes resist freezing, thus bursting and leaking. Uninsulated pipes can also cause condensation to occur which can introduce water dripping on structural elements and lead to rotting boards.

With hot water piping, there can be heat loss depending on the length of pipe and volume / speed water is called upon. Some estimates suggest that by insulating your hot water pipes you can prevent up to a four degree heat loss in water temperature. As a result, saving you energy if you lower the temperature setting at your water tank.

Boiler Piping Insulation

Radiant hot water heating pipes and boiler piping should also be insulated. Ideally, you want to insulate these pipes to control and get the heat directly to where the heat is intended. With the pipes properly insulated, your boiler will be creating less hot water, there will be less wear and tear on it. Your boiler typically works on a closed loop system with recirculating pump used to cycle the hot water to the radiators / in-floor heating panels and back for re-heating. As the boiler will be working less, so will you circulating pump.

Industrial Process Pipe Insulation Service

In addition to hot and cold water piping, Glenn Mechanical is also experienced in insulating industrial piping to keep process piping more efficient in product transfer.

Call the experts at Glenn Mechanical for all of your pipe insulation needs.