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Infrared Camera | Thermal Imaging Camera

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

An infrared camera is very useful in evaluating home energy usage, electrical problems, plumbing issues and more. Every object emits an amount of radiation which is calculated into a thermal image using a non-visible measurement of radiation by the camera, which provides a temperature scale expressed as two temperature values limiting the colors. This provides a real time picture transmitted in temperature related colors.

Energy Evaluation

To evaluate the energy efficiency of your building, an Interior inspection of the facility is taken using an infrared camera, which reveals where warm or cold air may be entering. Next an exterior inspection is read using the thermal imaging camera, which will reveal areas where expensive heating or air conditioning is escaping. This evaluation will determine the "tightness" of the building and can point out cold air entrance, heat escape, energy loss, missing insulation, and heat hot spots. It can also find concealed blockages in HVAC ducts, bathroom exhaust vents, and dryer vents, wasted energy loss (heat or air conditioning) around the HVAC system, and locate uninstalled or disconnected duct lines.

Infrared Camera Electrical Inspection

Anytime a fuse or circuit is running abnormally hot, it could become dangerous, and be Costing you money! These hot spots can be detected with the infrared camera.

Thermal Imaging and Plumbing

The use of an infrared camera in plumbing can help find concealed leaks in water and sewer lines, locate blockages in sewer lines, track down water leaks behind walls, below floors, and above ceilings.

Infrared Moisture Surveys

Infrared cameras can help in locating areas that have the potential for mold growth which could lead to health concerns, and potential costly repairs. Using thermal imaging can help trace foundation cracks, defects, and drainage concerns, pinpoint water intrusion areas, roof and attic leaks, hidden plumbing drip leaks with in walls, concealed appliance leaks, and door and window failure causing water damages and leading to mold growth.

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