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Grease Trap Installation and Service

Grease Trap Installation and Service el dorado arkansas

Businesses that require extensive use of a kitchen such as a restaurants, school cafeterias, churches and hospitals nearly always require the use of a grease trap. Most of what goes down your drain is easily broken down. Some waste, such as vegetable oil, grease or food can quickly cause drain and sewer clogs. These hard to dissolve solids can be harmful to the environment and cause problems at the water treatment plant. A grease trap intercepts and prevents most of these substances from entering plumbing systems and causing clogs and other plumbing issues. The success of these grease traps depends upon their proper installation. Some try the self-install route only to find that the grease trap doesn’t work because it was either improperly installed, or not sized correctly for the operation and demand.

Glenn Mechanical is your local expert in correctly sizing and installing commercial grease traps. You do not have to worry about whether it will do its job when your Glenn Mechanical technician installs your trap. It will be done right the first time!

When installing a grease trap at restaurants or other public applications you can certainly benefit from a professional installation of a grease trap by Glenn Mechanical because most municipalities have plumbing codes that require grease traps in commercial kitchens adhering to strict plumbing codes. A plumbing permit will be required and an inspection will be conducted by your code enforcement authorities to ensure the job is done correctly. With Glenn Mechanical handling your installation you can be sure that it will pass all of these guidelines.

Call Glenn Mechanical for the professional installation of grease traps to ensure them to be effective, properly sized, constructed and installed.