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Grease Trap Cleaning | Liquid Waste Pumping and Hauling

Grease Trap Cleaning | Liquid Waste Pumping and Hauling el dorado arkansas

If you are in any business that requires extensive use of a kitchen such as a restaurant, school cafeteria or hospital, you know how important it is to keep your grease traps functioning. These grease traps contain animal fats and oils that flow with your kitchen wastewater through your plumbing system before their destination in the sanitary sewer system. If these oils and fats are allowed to build up this heavy grease sludge will clog your lines and cause water to back up in your sinks and other drains. It isn’t a healthy situation and doesn’t smell good for you or your customers.

No need to worry! Glenn Mechanical is your dependable choice to professionally vacuum, pump and haul the liquid waste and sludge from any liquid waste receptacles, including septic tanks, sand pits, catch basins, car wash sumps, and grease traps. Our technician will clean and thoroughly test your system and perform the following:

How to keep your grease trap in top running order:

Things to NOT do:

Above all, don’t panic. Glenn Mechanical has you covered. Just make a call and we will have your grease traps in to working order quickly and thoroughly!