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Fiber Optic Camera Inspection

Fiber Optic Camera Inspection el dorado arkansas

Fiber Optic Camera

At Glenn Mechanical, we value your time and property. With our fiber optic camera, we are able to inspect your pipes or any other tight spaces quickly and without tearing up your business. This inspection method will show us exactly what the issue is and where it is located.

A video camera pipe inspection offers our customers assurance because they can see exactly what is causing their clogged line. Using state-of-the-art flexible fiber optic camera video equipment, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), that “snakes” through your pipes, we visually inspect the inside of your sewer lines for the causes of your clogs and/or leaks. The use of a fiber optic camera system allows for almost every size pipe to be inspected and is often the best method to accurately diagnose and locate sewer and drain line problems.

For commercial properties, a video camera pipe inspection can show corroded or deteriorated pipes as a result of past manufacturing processes. Commercial floor cleaners and other industrial cleaning chemicals can have corrosive effects on pipes. Restaurants often have corroded plumbing caused by the disposal of acid based soft drinks. Inspection of floor drains can reveal decay or breakage at the base of the trap allowing wastewater to drain into the ground. Fiber optic camera pipe inspections can also identify under floor plumbing layouts for future new connections.

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