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Cooling Tower Installation and Maintenance

Cooling Tower Installation and Maintenance el dorado arkansas

A clean cooling tower is critical to its operation. Every six months, your cooling tower must be drained and cleaned with a power washer to eliminate mineral and algae deposits. A visual inspection of the header, nozzles, sump screen and other crucial parts of the flow ensure efficient operation.

Impurities in the air and water are the factors which determine the frequency of most maintenance services and also governs the extent of water treatment which can vary from a simple continuous bleed and biological control to a sophisticated treatment system. Weekly inspections of your cooling tower include water testing. Monthly inspections entail cleaning the pump sump screen, checking the bearings and motors, belts, tower structure and chemical levels.

All of these inspections and maintenance adds up to time and hassle when trying to do it all in-house. Glenn Mechanical can handle the installation, maintenance and inspections for you on a regular basis. Call the professional cooling tower experts at Glenn Mechanical to set up a maintenance schedule on your cooling tower systems.