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Control Valve Installation and Maintenance

Control Valve Installation and Maintenance el dorado arkansas

Process plants in South Arkansas and North Louisiana are filled with hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of control valves. Control valves are the final control elements that are ultimately responsible for keeping process variables like flow, level, pressure, and temperature within the desired operating range. Control valves are often not properly maintained, poorly chosen, or improperly installed, which means they can’t work at the desired performance level. In manufacturing, product quality is intricately related to consistency. Whatever you make, the product that comes off your line should be the same every time. If it isn’t, you risk having to throw product away or disappointing customers, who have certain expectations. Consistency in your product relies on consistency in your process. This is exactly the job of your control valves. By having the right valve size and type installed on your lines and by keeping those valves in good working order, you reduce your process variability and, in turn, maintain consistently high product quality. The control valve can have a huge impact on the profitablilty of your plant by increasing your product quality and raising your efficiency.

Glenn Mechanical knows control valves. We can specify the right valve for the application, install the valve correctly and maintain that control valve to keep it operating properly. We can even repair and replace existing control valves in operation. Call Glen Mechanical for your control valve needs.