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Air Handler Installation and Maintenance

Air Handler Installation and Maintenance el dorado arkansas

What is an Air Handler?

If you have a central air conditioner in your home or business, you probably consider it to be “the big metal box outside (or on the roof).” Most air conditioning systems are actually two parts – and the part you don’t see is called an air handler. The two parts to the AC system are: The outdoor unit (usually in your backyard or side yard sitting next to your home.); The indoor unit (usually found in an attic or closet and also known as the air handler unit)

The outdoor unit removes the heat from the inside. It cools the refrigerant in your AC system. The cooled refrigerant then moves to your indoor unit (the air handler) where a fan blows air over the cool refrigerant-filled coils, transferring the cool temperature to your home’s air.

Installation and Maintenance of Your Air Handler

This is important because your air handler affects your home or office’s air quality and energy efficiency. Proper sizing and maintenance of your air handler is important for it to operate at its optimum efficiency. A dirty air handler can even contribute to health problems since the air coming out of the vents first moves through the air handler.

Glenn Mechanical can install and maintain your air handler so that it will work efficiently and keep your air clean. We can analyze your current air handler and recommend upgrades that will save you money. For example, many air handlers have two speeds, either off or 100% on. The experts at Glenn Mechanical can install a variable speed air handler which allows it to work only as hard as it needs to in order to cool the space. When paired with a two-stage air conditioner or heat pump, this can greatly lower your energy bill.

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